Each Tab Property(Ver1.90対応版)


The properties for each tab are properties for that tab only.
For example, even if there are two tabs and they are the same folder as "C:\folder" and "C:\folder", you can change the name and color of only the tab on the left side.

If you select [Tool]-[Option]-[Program]-[Resume last tabs], this property will be restored after reboot.
Display name
You can write "%b" etc. For example, if you name it "Work[%b]", the part of "%b" will be automatically replaced with the tab name that is originally displayed.
If "Default" is selected, the setting of Tab name is followed.
When there is a pass:
%d Drive name
%r Folder name directly under the root
%p Parent folder name
%b Folder name
%f Full path
%u "Lock Under Hierarchy" or parent of "Each Tab Folder Pane"
%w Wildcard
%n Tab number (for split)
%m Tab number (for whole)

No path or root:
%b Shrink name (Example : "C:\" is "Volume (C:)", "\\server\share" is "share", "PC" is "PC")
%f Full path (Example : "C:\" is "C:\", "\\server\share" is "\\server\share" "PC" is "PC")
%n Tab number (for split)
%m Tab number (for whole)

Specify tab color.

Indicates the lock status and the status of search results.