Design/Operation - Folder tree 2(Ver1.90対応版)

Disable rename by click
Click on the folder name part of the folder tree to prevent renaming.
This is a setting to prevent accidental operation.
You can rename by "Rename" command (F2 by default).
This setting is same as Rename.

Disable delete key
Prevents execution of keys assigned to deletion (such as Delete key).
You can delete from the context menu.

This setting is the same as the setting in Safety .

Auto vertical scroll (when expand sub folder)
When expanding subfolders by clicking the [+] mark in the tree, if there is enough space to scroll up if the subfolders do not fit on the screen, it will automatically scroll.

Auto vertical s&croll (when switch tab)

Auto expand and collapse (when click)
When you click the tree, subfolders will be expanded automatically.
If the previously selected folder is a sibling folder, the expansion of the previous folder is automatically closed.
Only when clicked, this setting does not apply when selected by keyboard operation or other methods.

Expand when select bookmark
When it is turned on, subfolders will be expanded when bookmarks are selected.

Limit auto expand count
Normally, when the current folder in the file list changes, the folder tree corresponding to the current folder is automatically displayed in the folder tree.
If you have a large number of subfolders, just expand the target subfolders.
This setting does not apply when the image is enlarged by clicking [+].

Delay time for key
When operating the folder tree with the arrow keys up and down, etc., the contents of the file list are not switched immediately, but are switched after a while.
You can change the delay time by changing this setting.

Select by mouse button down
If it is OFF, the file list changes when you click the folder tree item and raise the button.
If it is ON, it will be selected immediately when the button is downed.

Drag and drop
Disable drag start
Disables the start of folder dragging.
This setting is the same as the setting in Drag and drop .

Disable drop
Prevent dropping on folder tree.
This setting is the same as the setting in Drag and drop .

Disable auto expand in dragging
If it is OFF, if you drag the file to the folder tree and keep the mouse cursor for a while, it will automatically expand on the expandable folder.
If it is ON, does not expand automatically.