Advanced settings appear when you turn on "Advanced" at the bottom left of the Options dialog.

Specify the display language of various parts such as menus and dialogs.
If the default, Japanese or English is switched depending on the display language of Windows.
For example, the property name (column name) of the details view is the same as the display of Windows.

Timeout of open path
Timeout value (ms) when analyzing the path.
It is 3000ms by default.
You may want to increase this value if you often experience timeouts when accessing the network.

Timeout of list drawing (no path folder)
When the number of files in the file list is large and not immediately displayed, the list is displayed once by timeout.
Valid only for folders without paths, such as MTP connection folders.
There is no timeout for folders with paths such as "C:\Folder".

Background processing paste
Execute paste in another thread.
You can operate even during normal paste, but you may want to turn this on if you can not do so.

Windows default paste
Normally, the pasted file is selected automatically. As for paste to the same folder, "File.Txt" becomes file name "File - copy.txt", and in this case is selected automatically.
This is because Hidemaru Filer Classic handles it correctly.
When "Windows default paste" is turned on, automatic selection in the same folder is not made.
Instead, it may improve the reliability of the application that hooks the copying process.

Background processing delete
Execute deletion in another thread.
You will be able to operate while deleting.

Navigation click
To be quiet when clicked, turn it off.

Enable checkbox on name column
Enable checkbox on name column if selected two items.

Automatic select by right button drop
Before V1.58, the file was automatically selected by dragging and dropping the right button, but from V1.58 it has been changed so that it is not selected.
When this option is turned ON, it will be selected as before.

Use 'New Text File' command when select ' .txt' of new menu
Use 'New Text File' command when select ' .txt' of new menu,