Advanced - Rename(Ver1.90対応版)
Advanced settings appear when you turn on "Advanced" at the bottom left of the Options dialog.

Disable rename by click in folder tree
Click on the folder name part of the folder tree to prevent renaming.
This is a setting to prevent accidental operation.
You can rename by "Rename" command (F2 by default).
This setting is same as Folder tree 2.

Disable rename by click in file list
Disable renaming by single-clicking on the file name.
This setting is same as File list 3.

Exclude extension in file list
When renaming, the extension part is not selected automatically.
This setting is same as File list 3.

Change target item by up/down key in file list
While renaming, it is possible to change the target of renaming the previous item / next item with the cursor up / down key.
This setting is same as File list 3.

Show rename extension change warning
Renaming, when trying to change the extension, I get the same warning as Explorer.
Turning this option off will prevent warnings.
This setting is same as Safety.

Renaming gives priority to the file system
The display name of the folder may be the name of the file system or an alternative name by desktop.ini.
When changing the name by "Rename" command, specify which one is the default of the input box.
When ON, the file system is given priority.

Rename is always file system
Rename is always using file system.
If you use this option, you will not be able to undo.

Auto strip beginning/end space
In the rename input field, half-width and full-width spaces at the beginning and end are automatically removed.