Design/Operation - Color 1, Color 2(Ver1.90対応版)

Specify various colors.
When OFF, standard color is used.
For "Stripe", "Grid (horizontal)", "Grid (vertical)" and "Sort column", just specify the color here.
You need to ON / OFF of the function turns on the setting of "File list 1".
Active select (common)
Specify the selected color (when in focus).
Common to folder tree and file list.

Inactive select (common)
Specifies the inactive color (when there is no focus).
Common to folder tree and file list.

Folder tree
You can specify the text color and background color of the folder tree.
Attributes and other colors are not applied to the folder tree.

Address bar
You can specify the text color and background color of the address bar, filter bar, search pane, and file name input part of the open dialog.

File list
Specify the color of each part of the file list.

You can specify the color of the file list attribute.
"New file" colors the newly appeared file by monitoring update.
"Updated file" colors the file whose update date has changed due to update by monitoring.
"Renamed file" will be colored if it is renamed by the rename command.
If the name is changed by other software, the original file is erased and it is interpreted that a new file is created.
If "Updated File" is ON and "New File" is OFF, the "Updated File" color is applied to the new file.
(Because new files, such as large file copies, may have their timestamps changed immediately)

Specifies the color of the preview pane.
Previewing is done by various means such as processing by preview handler, expanding image instead of preview handler, previewing text by text display, original text display etc.
The specified color does not necessarily apply.
Some preview handlers reflect color specifications and others ignore them.
For example, the standard Windows text preview handler has a white background ignoring the color specification.