Tab - Arrange(Ver1.84対応版)

New tab position
Specify the insert position of new tab.

Active tab after close
Specify which tab to activate after closing the tab.

If crosscut mode and odd number, first split is wide
If the split direction is "Crosscut" and the split number is odd, the width of the first split is wide.
In the case of OFF, the width of the last split is wide.

Confirm message
Show prompt if close locked tab
If it is ON, a confirmation message will be displayed to try to close the locked tab.
If it is OFF, you will not be able to close the locked tab.

This setting is the same as the setting in safety .

Show prompt if close window
When closing the window, a confirmation message is issued if there are two or more tabs.

Inherit tab color when "New Tab" command
When you open a new tab with the "New Tab" command, it inherits the current tab color settings.