Customize folder(Ver1.90対応版)

"Customize folder" sets the View (Thumbnails/Tile/Icon/List/Details) for each folder and the column contents of the detail display.
You can open this dialog box by the following operation.

The "Current folder" targets only the currently active folder.

"Under current folders" targets the currently active folder and all subfolders under it.

"All folders" covers all folders of the same type.
"All folders" are all folders of the same type. Different types of folders are not included.
For example, C:\MyFolder1 and C:\MyFolder2 are the same type because the contents of the columns are the same.
The PC folder is a different type because the contents of the column are different.

Sets the View. (Thumbnails/Tile/Icon/List/Details)

Specify the content to be displayed in the column in "Details" view.

Show all property
You can add a lot to the column by displaying "Show all property".

If a column extension DLL is available, it can be added as well.
Column extension DLL is discontinued in Explorer after Vista. Column extension DLL is available at Hidemaru Filer Classic.

At the bottom there are Hidemaru Filer Classic unique properties.
HmFilerClassic Original Property

HmFilerClassic Original Property