Tab - Design 2(Ver1.84対応版)

Design 2
Fix width
When ON, the tab width is fixed to the specified size. When OFF, the width is determined automatically.

Lower limit
Even if the folder name is short, it should not be smaller than the specified width.

Upper limit
If the width of the folder name is larger than the specified width, the number of characters in the folder name is automatically adjusted to the number of characters that fit within the specified width.

Left align
When there are multiple rows, leave a margin on the right side of the second row.
In the case of OFF, there is no margin and spreads evenly.

When over window width
Specifies the behavior when the tab exceeds the window width.
In the case of "Multi line", "Tab type" has the active tab in the lower row. "Button type" and "Flat type" will maintain the position of the row.

Set margin
Specifies the detailed margin of the tab.