Command line option(Ver1.60対応版)

Store App Version
The Store App version can not be launched by directly specifying the command line for HmFilerClassic.exe.
If you execute via wscript.exe using the following script (extension .vbs), you can make it behave as if it was started by specifying an option on the command line.
	Dim strParams
	strParams = ""
	For i = 0 To WScript.Arguments.Count - 1
	    strParams = strParams + " " + WScript.Arguments(i)
	CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run "shell:AppsFolder\2D424152.Classic_ddj57jqgf9rdg!Hidemaruo.HmFilerClassicAppx " + strParams

C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe "C:\MyScriptFolder\HmFilerClassicStoreApp.vbs"
C:\Windows\System32\wscript.exe "C:\MyScriptFolder\HmFilerClassicStoreApp.vbs" C:\Folder

The following is the same description as the desktop version of Hidemaru Filer Classic.

HmFilerClassic.exe command line option.

一般オプション General option
/n    No folder tree
/e    With folder tree
/root    Specify the parent of the tree
/select,path    The file / folder specified in the path is preselected on the file list
/i    Launch as a new window regardless of settings.
/t    Launch as a new tab regardless of settings.
/focus,n    Initial focus specification.
The number 1 is the file list.
/findfolder    Display search pane.
/bookmark    Display bookmark pane.
/history    Display history pane.
/(x,y,cx,cy)    Specify the start position and size.BR>
/debug    Display the setting of "debug" in the advanced setting of the option dialog.
/elevate    Run as administrator.
shell:xxx    Specifying a "shell:" location much like Explorer.
::{guid}    Known guid-defined folder.
Example: "PC" is ::{20D04FE0-3AEA-1069-A2D8-08002B30309D}
path    Path.
Examle : C:\Folder
/restore    Specify and restore the file where setting contents are saved.
Example: /restore "C:\Folder\xxx.hfcreg"
/savereg    Save settings to a file.
Example: /savereg "C:\Folder\xxx.hfcreg"
/savereg-only    Save settings to a file. HmfilerClassic.exe will exit immediately.
Example: /savereg-only "C:\Folder\xxx.hfcreg"
/savereg-flags    Specify the target to save the settings in hexadecimal. The value is the logical sum of the following values.
0x0001 Option/Key Assign/Gesture
0x0002 Bookmark
0x0004 Tool
0x0008 Each folder view
0x0010 Current tabs
/x    Execute a script by specifying a script file (or script description beginning with js: or vbs :)
Example: /x "C:\Folder\test.js"
/a    Option to pass arguments to the script.
The script gets it using the GetArg method. You can also pass a string containing whitespace when wrapped with "".
Example: HmFilerClassic.exe / x "C:\Folder\test.js" /a param1 /a "param 2"
/m or /m3    If the Hidemaru Filer Classic is already running, regardless of the setting, it only switches the active.
/g    Specify the bookmark's group name and open the items in the group together.
You can also pass a string containing whitespace when wrapped with "".
Example: HmFilerClassic.exe /i /g "My Group"