Tab - Design 1(Ver1.84対応版)

Tab bar
Enable tab bar.

Disable tab bar.

Auto (If single tab to &hide)
Enable tab bar.
Do not display the tab bar when there is one tab.

Tab type
Button type
Flat type
Specifies the tab button design.
When tabs are in multiple rows, the top and bottom positions are maintained for "Button type" or "Flat type".
When tabs are in multiple rows, the selected tab is always displayed in the lower row for "Tab type".

Show icon
Display the icon on the tab.
It can not be changed if "Each tab close button" is "Close button icon (always)".

When it is ON, the tab is drawn by the specified drawing method.

Hide if single tab
This option is obsolete in V1.15 and is the same as "Auto" on the tab bar.

Each tab close button
Each tab close button
Specifies the close button for each tab.

Close when last tab
In the case of OFF, if there is only one tab, the close button for each tab will not be pressed.
When ON, the last tab can be closed, and when the tab is closed, the window will also be closed.

Active tab only
Make it possible to press the close button only on the active tab.