Advanced - Network(Ver1.90対応版)

Advanced settings appear when you turn on "Advanced" at the bottom left of the Options dialog.

Network suppression
Disable sub folder check on XP
On Windows XP networks, folder tree [+] [-] marks are not accurate.
Turning this option off is accurate.
In Windows Vista or later, regardless of this setting, subfolders are automatically acquired.

Disable network PC names in folder tree
In the case of the path \\(server)\(share), servers other than the current server are not displayed in the folder tree when "Refresh".
This is because network PC enumeration is slow.
When this option is turned off, "Refresh" will update all trees in the network.

Disable get icon in file list
The network does not get the icon of EXE or LNK file to reduce the load.
If this option is turned off, it will be get icon on the network.

Disable drop to linkbar
File drop is disabled for network items on the link bar.
This is because when you are not connected to the network, the mouse may pass while dragging, and the response may be delayed.
(Only when the share name is specified with the path as a string)
If this option is turned off, it will be droppable on the network.

Network and removable suppression
Disable initial folder
Network and removable are not allowed in initial folder .
This is to prevent it from becoming unbootable.

If this option is turned off, you can make a network or removable initial folder.