Default filer
Store app version can not be the default filer.
Instead, there is "Take in explorer" command.
"Take in explorer" by Key assign.
"Take in explorer" by Win+E.
"Take in explorer" by Hot key.

Default filer
Set to default filer/Release from default filer
Set whether or not to be the default filer.
It will change as soon as you press this button.

"Register auto play only" "Unregister auto play only" does not change the default filer, only changes the list of auto-play such as when you want to connect a USB drive.

Don't duplicate (Create new tab when already launched)
When the window of Hidemaru Filer Classic already exists, it will be displayed as a new tab in the existing window when launched from the outside.

Initial folder
Specify the folder to be displayed first when launched.

Initial tab
Specifies how to restore previous tabs when launched.

Initial side bar
Specifies how to restore the previous sidebar visibility when launched.


New tab
New tab